August 26, 2021 1 min read

Orangetheory Fitness Go For Gold Workout

How did you get into Orangetheory?

My work colleagues began going to the OTF that had opened up by the office. I decided to try it out. I’ve been coming to OTF since May 2017


What do you love about Orangetheory?

I love the group environment of the workout. I feed off of other people’s energy. It’s also very easy to roll out of bed at 530AM knowing you have friends to work out with at 6:15AM.



What challenges have you faced in Orangetheory?

It’s a love hate relationship with Benchmarks. I know it’s You vs. You but I want to be on the leaderboard! There’s also days that you just show up, even when you don’t want to – a workout is better than no workout.


What has Orangetheory taught you?

I used to be a dancer so I have a desire to be in shape. Also, I think there’s a new female narrative happening of that women belong in the gym now too!


What would you say to someone interested in Orangetheory?

Try it. It’s only 60 minutes. That’s 4% of your day. You’ll feel better when you leave. If you want to join but you’re not sure how you feel, start with the basic package. The more you go, the more you’ll want to do so you can always up your membership.

Christian Sacerdote
Christian Sacerdote